Our Lager

The brew has a characteristic taste that is entirely different from the other beer types. The hoppy, modern lager is one of the most consumed in the UK. Produced by an excellent and accessible company, this beer is clean and unpasteurized. Despite the increase in the production of ales, the demand for lagers is rising. For instance, Whitworth lager is smooth and cheaper to make. The low cost is associated with the more affordable ingredients. It’s brewed with locally grown products such as grains.

It is produced by a company with likeminded people who have little permanent ties. The lager has a distinctive originality and is popular with many. Apart from the rich flavor, this alcohol is accompanied by severe lurks. The leather and waft of smoke ensure olfactory satisfaction hence making it the most majestic beer.

The lager comes in pale and dark styles. The pale lager color ranges from transparent to light bronze with an alcohol content of about 7%. This range is preferred to ensure that one gets the perfect lager mouthfeel. This is the most used alcohol. This light lager is mostly mild and therefore recommended to be served cold. Its hop impression can either be light or medium and has a crisp and clean character. Also, the quality found in this style is variable. At times, corn or rice proportions are used as adjuncts. Although not at always, carbonation might be forced.
Whitworth dark lager is also preferred by some people. The lager has a distinctive acrid and robust taste due to the use of roasted grain flavor. The dark color also comes from dark malts. With the colors ranging from dark reddish brown to amber, dark lagers have a typical scent that is different from the pale ones.

Whitworth lager is smoked over either oak barrel or wood fires. The beer color is mostly dark brown or deep amber and has a distinctive smell. Some mild brews are not necessarily smoky flavors. Flavor profiles of the lager are easily noticed due to the spice flavors and bold fruits in which they possess. For instance, the brew is sweet and dry.

Malt flavors are the most popular dominating the flavor profiles of the lager. They have full malty notes of caramel, toast, and nuts. The malty taste is also found in hops. However, hops have a yellow color. Stronger versions contain caramel while the others display fig nuances and raisins. Application of different hops’ combination enables that there is something new that tempts your taste buds.

The palate impression is similar in both the dark and pale lagers. Although the faint malt and hop traces are visible, the beer is brewed to promote minimum character. Some of the commonly detected flaws are oxidized malt and fuels.
While utmost care is ensured, ingredients might change regularly. That means that the dynamic production process keeps evolving now and then. For this reason, delicate lager sweetness might be noted accompanied by a tropical fruit aroma. Subtle bitterness facilitates in making the amber liquid have a perfect session.

You can stop for a Whitworth lager, together with friends, for the best drinking experience. Since it’s brewed with the best aroma and high definition flavor, the beer makes you crave for more. The alcohol accolade has been voted as the best beer in several blind taste tests. Due to its low alcohol content, the beer is continuously gaining popularity among different gender. Well balanced, the beer cuts across all corners of style.