About Us

For many years, Whitworth brewing company has been at the heart of the entire local community. Located on the outskirts of London, United Kingdom, our small brewery has consistently served many with high-quality beer made with the best ingredients. Our lager is efficiently supplied to different pubs, cafes, bars and many shops both in London and other cities.
Our brewery team is qualified and highly experienced in the industry. The team has helped us in producing the best beer. Some of our team members have been with us for many years. Our sales and marketing guys are also significant, and they have been part of our success.
Our brewery shops are open throughout the week from 5 pm to 10 pm. On Saturdays, they are opened from 12-9pm. You can pass by and try our lager.

Over the years, our brewery has been expanding with the help of the fantastic team of employees. Whether your taste is on lightest lager or refreshing mild beer, you will be well served with what you enjoy. We ensure that you have the best drinking experience. Ending your day with a bottle of beer is good to relieve your daytime stress.

The Whitworth lager is what we keep at the heart of the venture since we produce on one lager. The lager is widely available throughout the year and can be purchased at affordable prices. We have been given distribution rights, and therefore we meet the demand.

Whitworth brewing company is driven by the passion for quality and innovation. We crave big flavors, and we are dedicated to brewing beers that offer you the fantastic experience. We also have a solid reputation for manufacturing beer directed by integrity.

Seven weeks after its introduction, the company’s lager was selected as the tastiest lager that met many people’s needs.
Whitworth brewing company, based on the outskirts of London was founded by Peter Whitworth back in 1964. Owned and run by the family, beer is our passion, and our loyal customers inspire us to brew even more. Guided by principles and other core values, the company respects the use of four ingredients which are hops, grain, yeast, and water. Recently, the company is run by his family members.

We long to recognize the wisdom and hard work of the local farmers. Our company creates a deep relationship with the community. The unity within our workforce is also worth noting, and that’s why you will only get the best at our company.

Apart from brewing, we also aim at creating a local industry. We are building a process of reducing wastes around the brewery to promote environmental consciousness. Our factory is made using reclaimed materials and demonstrates innovative ideas around beer making. We stay where we brew!

Our brewery is well organized and equipped with the latest technology for maximized production. We have a corporative staff and management who help in keeping the activities of the company running. We aim to establish a good relationship between you and beer. Whitworth is a company that values quality over quantity.