Welcome to Whitworth Brewing Co

Whitworth Brewing Co is a family run brewery making the finest real ale in the Heart of the Country.  

Real Ale is making a revival.  Why? Because it has to.  Without it, we will lose the heart of our local village or town.  If like us, you are fed up with seeing pubs close down and villages lose the heart of their community, try a pint of real ale, you may just like it. 

Our beers have proven to be loved by all types of drinkers.  So why don't you save your local, one pint at time!

Our business is built on traditional values.  We firmly believe that you can sustain a business by staying local.  We brew in Solihull, The Heart of Country and our beer is supplied locally.  By reducing the beer miles to within 30 miles of the brewery, we believe it's good for the beer, the local economy and the local pub and it's better for the environment too!

Choose a local beer with good taste and good values. 


 Customer Comments

"Love It. Sobriety what a lovely pint, never thought my girlfriend would like real ale, but she loves this" Gary, Shirley

"Nice to have a beer from a local brewer. We had some for a party in the summer and it was great, poured lovely, very clear fantastic taste. Didn't last long though, its amazing how quick 40 pints goes!" Jackie & Ron, Lapworth 

" Light but full of flavour"  blind taste testing

"Very very drinkable with an engaging bite" blind taste testing

" Smooth and hoppy, an excellent session beer" blind taste testing


Brewery Liaison Officer for Solihull CAMRA said: " With 'Sobriety', their first brew at the launch of the company, the Whitworth Brewing Co. have set their stakes high at the off: this golden, well-balanced, hoppy 4% ABV ale is a marvelous thirst-quencher with a lot of character that does not disappoint all the way down the pint. Solihull CAMRA look forward to seeing this ale available at local outlets and will be waiting keenly for the next stunner."


We are in for the 2nd Year!

34 Dunard Road Shirley, Solihull | 0121 3476450