Whitworth Brewing

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As we keep discovering about the ancient times, we realize how civilized and tasteful beer is. Slowly, we start walking in our ancestors’ footsteps. Creating characterful, big and fully flavored lager, Whitworth Company guarantees you a well-processed beer that meets your desire.

Our lagers are conditioned and stored for some time to ensure optimum flavor. They are cold filtered to facility perfect clarity. Our company doesn’t employ high gravity brewing in the manufacture of the lager. High gravity brewing is a process that involves brewing a lager into a high strength then diluting it. Consecutively, this lowers the flavor quality and contributes to the poor reputation of the beer. Dedicated team processes excellent and real lager.

As a small and independent microbrewery, Whitworth brewing company produces beer with the best ingredients. It’s guided by a subtle blend of hard work and innovation. This results in the production of stylish beer. Our ingredients are sourced from different regions in the United Kingdom and intensively supports the locals.

We long to raise the glass with infinite greatness as you celebrate your triumph and achievements. Our lager doesn’t discriminate, and people of all classes can afford it. Because you have changed the course of your history, in many small ways, a great lager is what you should have.

On a basic level, there is something naturally gratifying about making beer. For instance, it doesn’t have to do with the used ingredients but those who consume it. The knowledge behind what we produce is for consumption by the local community. To everyone, the Whitworth lager is rapidly becoming a regular drink.

The Whitworth Brewing Company produces bottled lager and supplies it to restaurants, bars, pubs and many other parts of the UK. It is common to find our lager via various export partnerships and also through wholesale. You can also purchase one either from the brewery or through our online website.

With the latest technology, our beer is worth experiencing. It quenches your thirst and leaves you craving for more. Whitworth Company is becoming popular among the locals and will continue brewing the lager. The last decade has seen a significant increase in company exposure to the competitive market. This has been a catalyst for Whitworth’s growth.

From elegant colors to excellent taste, life in the UK is steeped into patriotic symbolism. The willpower and underlying courage grant the company the pursuit of happiness and freedom to even be greater. We believe in style and taste. It is now the high time you start skipping the complicated beer menus and get something that can savor all the moment. Whitworth lager is perfectly blended, and you can enjoy it with your friends. Fun and engaging, the lager quenches more than any other beer does. Just like a revolutionary, business people push beyond the boundaries, work on their ideas and move bravely with a blaring spirit in spite of the risks. For anyone who has struggled when looking for different ways, the best option to end the stress is filling your glass with Whitworth lager.

The company’s pillars built by the founder, Peter Whitworth, are a show of the tireless work ethic. A unique lager helps in the maintenance of an unwavering commitment both to the art of brewing and business ethics. Whitworth Brewing Company together with the management ensures that the set beer ethics are ever met. Since people like quality things, this company offers the best lager in the UK.